Hey Parents! Thanks for checking out the Student Ministry Website! Take a look around, and if you ever have any questions or are interested in serving the ministry in any capacity, please contact contact Youth Pastor Jake Andrus. Thanks for all you do as a parent--you have the most important job in the world!

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Parent REsources

Check out these great resources for parents! All of these sites are highly recommended for all parents.

  • Check out articles, books, website links, and great resources for parents of students!
    Resources are pinned regularly, so keep checking back!

  • A fantastic website with useful articles, audio, and resources for families.

  • Keep your student safe on their device!!
    Be in control of everything on your child's phone! Set usage times, control what apps they can use, and see when/what they have been using, Even keep track of where they are if you desire. There is a fee to use, but well worth it.
    Click here to see a preview video.
    Click here to go to their website!

  • Want to protect your family from all the junk & pornography on the internet? X3watch is the thing for you! ...for your computer(s) and for your smart phone! You can set it up to block dangerous websites and it also offers the option to add accountability partners.

  • A great website with all sorts of info and resources for parents with teens/preteens

  • A great website and resource for's the description they have on their site: What is the Digital Kids Initiative? The cultural context of children and teens is changing at breakneck speed, especially when it comes to technology. The Digital Kids Initiative website offs research, news, handouts, fact sheets and other resources to help parents!

  • A great website and resource for Parent information on Internet safety, Apps, video games, and the latest technology! If your kids are on phones/tablets/computers, then you definitely need to check out this site!!

  • Movie reviews from a Christian point of view! Check this awesome resource out!! Plugged-In reviews movies, music, TV Shows, and even Video Games!

  • A website providing information and resources for parents, youth workers and educators to help kids navigate their sexuality. 

  • A helpful website with articles, audio, interviews, and parenting tips

  • Stay up to date on what's happening in Youth Group! Helpful articles, links, and media are also posted on this page for parents. (Must have a facebook account to access this)

  • Some great Parenting Videos and Bible Studies for followers of Jesus! Click here to see what RightNow is all about! If do not yet have a RightNow account, please click here to sign-up for your free account!

  • This helpful handout will be beneficial for any parent(s) of a video gamer.

  • Sexting Info Sheet

    Your kid have a cell phone? Read this info sheet put out by CPYU about sexting.